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Choosing a Client

Once you have a Ziti Network - you are going to require a Ziti-aware client in order to access the network. There are two types of clients and depending on your needs you'll choose to either use a tunneler or you will use an SDK to securely access the Ziti Network.

Choosing which type of client you will use to connect to a Ziti Network is a straightforward process and comes down to a single question. If you are you installing Ziti in front of an existing application which has already been developed and deployed you need to use a tunneler. If you are developing a new product, starting from scratch and you want to take advantage of a fully zero trust solution you will probably want to use an SDK.


An OpenZiti Tunneler is purpose-built software designed to connect applications which are not Ziti-aware to the OpenZiti Network.

Read more on using tunnelers here


If you are building a new application you have a unique opportunity to choose to use one of the Ziti SDKs and to create a truly zero trust application from the start! Navigate over to the api page to learn more about which SDKs are available and for documentation focused on using these sdks.