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Deploying OpenZiti

All openziti deployment architectures can be categorized by three types of Zero Trust Edge Access Security Models. Many of them will be overlapping at least 2 of these initially, especially the brownfield deployments. That gives customers a great deal of flexibility in terms of deployment options depending on where they are in the journey to eventually reach the ZiTi Application Access Security Model, i.e most secured.  

  1. ZiTi App Access (ZTAA)

    The Zero Trust is maintained between Applications, and the encryption terminated in Applications  


  2. ZiTi Host Access (ZTHA)

    The Zero Trust is maintained between Application Hosts, and the encryption terminated at Application Hosts  


  3. ZiTi Network Access (ZTNA)

    The Zero Trust is only maintained batween Ziti Private Edge Routers, and the encryption is terminated at Ziti Private Edge Routers